My purpose is to express how emotions can preoccupy our mind, bleed into our facial expressions, and seep into our surroundings. Instead of disregarding emotions, the viewer will face them directly. I hope to have a conversation about how important it is to address the wellbeing of our mental psyche because our society does not prioritize it. I seek to disregard the social stigma of psychological illnesses. I want viewers to empathize with the subject instead of judging what is on the outside because nobody knows what is going on inside of a person’s head. Unlike other painters, I use a mixture of acrylic and oil paint. I also use two different styles of painting. My work has been inspired by Frida Kahlo. She conveyed her inner and physical turmoil through her paintings, and made some of the most striking paintings of the century. Ever since I was little, I have been inspired to paint or draw my feelings. It acts as a healthy release of my inner demons. I want to inspire others to do the same and to learn to cope with art instead of destructive acts. 



 (334)327-8883 | Instagram & Facebook @beckimarieart
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